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Healthy Learners is on a mission to transform the futures of children in poverty in South Carolina. Research has proven that education is the key for children to go further in life, empowering them to obtain higher-wage jobs, make positive life choices, and learn to invest in their future communities to make them stronger, healthier, and vibrant. For many children in poverty, their educational success is at risk because of fixable health care challenges that have not been addressed – known as Health Barriers to Learning. Healthy Learners (HL) was created to address these challenges head on and serve as the catalyst to ensure every child receives the health care they need to thrive in school.

Healthy Learners works collaboratively with communities, schools, healthcare providers and families to remove health barriers to learning through screening, referral and access to medical services. Healthy Learners will serve All Pre-K through 8th grade students to improve academic and health related outcomes.

Our Mission: In the spirit of the Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine, Healthy Learners is devoted to removing children’s health barriers to learning with love and compassion.

Our Vision: That all children are healthy and able to reach their full potential.


Our staff our passionate about supporting children in need.
Fun day at the eye doctor's office with two Healthy Learners siblings!
We love providing vision, dental, and hearing screenings identify unaddressed health barriers to learning.
HL uniquely supports children and families by coordinating appointments and transporting students from school to a provider and back again! Parents don't miss vital work time to provide for their families, and students miss the least amount of school time possible - all while removing health barriers to their learning.
We're on our way to provide vision appointments for our Healthy Learners kiddos!
HL supports students 5K-12th grade with access to healthcare. Often times, our staff walk along side chidlren for many years up until graduation. We beam with pride to see them succeeding in their education and life - healthy, happy, & thriving.
We love supporting our students from Hispanic communities across the Midlands. Healthy Learners has two bilingual staff members to remove language barriers that might hinder children from getting the support they need to thrive.
Whether a child is struggling with their vision, hearing, oral health, mental health, Asthma or other health barrier to learning, We at Healthy Learners are ready to walk alongside them to meet their needs and see them soar into a world of barrier free learning.