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The Ice Hockey Club at the University of South Carolina was founded in 2001 by John Lipscomb and Jared Hopkins. Since then, it has grown from a team of few into a deep and talented squad. With thousands of fans spanning across the nation, Gamecock Hockey has dominated in the newly created Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Division I this season and plans to continue in championing for wins, both on the ice and within the community.

The South Carolina Club Hockey Team is rooted in strong relationship among players and in partnership with community members. Whether it be local restaurants or fellow non-profit organizations, Gamecock Hockey is committed to creating positive camaraderie for fans, families, and businesses of the surrounding Columbia area.

Buoyed by a strong relationship at their home rink in Irmo, the Gamecocks continually receive strong support within the community. Each season, quality student athletes are recruited to represent South Carolina, aiming to compete for the National Title.

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Gamecocks v Clemson
Military Appreciation Night
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