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Chef Chris Williams is an award winning, self-trained chef who continues to be a powerhouse in the Culinary World. Chris began cooking under the watchful eye of his mother and grandmother in the small town of Olar, South Carolina. From these talented home cooks Chris learned to prepare the venerable dishes of the south. He loves to share family recipes and personal tips for making barbeque, savory sauces, and many other southern specialties. Cooking comes second nature for Chris, who has spent over two decades perfecting his craft.

Chef Chris has been honored with a multitude of accolades throughout his career. Gaining him notoriety and features in numerous publications, including the Food Network magazine; Local Palate magazine; Edible Columbia Magazine; The State Newspaper; The Panorama Magazine; and The Post Courier Newspaper. In 2022, Chef Chris was honored to be chosen as a Chef Ambassador for the State of South Carolina. This has afforded him a myriad of opportunities to travel nationally, leading food demonstrations, cooking classes, and television appearances. Most recently, Chris competed in the World Food Championships, in Dallas Texas, placing 2nd overall.


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