Webster University Corporate Partnership

Offer Valid: 10/12/2020 - 10/10/2021
Webster University's Corporate Partnership Program is a value-added opportunity offered alongside your organization's existing benefits programs.  All employees who are eligible by their company’s standards can enroll

The Webster partnership program is focused on ONE thing: to enable partner companies to attract, retain and reinvigorate the most important asset in the organization, the employees. Through our partnership program, qualified employees can pursue an undergraduate, graduate (master's) or certificate program in an area of choice at a preferred tuition rate.

Joining the Corporate Partners Program is no cost to your company or employees.

Employees of our preferred partners receive a 20% discount off regular tuition.

Webster's Corporate Partnership program allows organizations to have their employees take courses together. Classmates are your fellow coworkers, which enhances teamwork and class discussions specific to your place of work.

This Partner To Partner Deal is promoted by Greater Columbia Chamber of Commerce.