Volunteer Opportunity

Posted: 09/21/2021

Hi friends! This is me, officially asking for help! (not easy for me to do..lol) BUT, since the goal of our non-profit "Connected We Rise - Mobile Vendor Markets" is to support our small businesses and our communities, I HAVE to put my pride aside and reach out.
I am currently trying to run things on my own while going back to work, and my health is not the best as I'm 15 months into Long Haul Covid.
What we need specifically, is anyone who can volunteer their time and talents to assist in us in marketing. This would entail making phone calls to follow up with places to host us (or reaching out initially) such as neighborhoods, churches, retirement and assisted living communities, schools, businesses, etc (at no cost to them). 
We are also in need of someone who is proficient in social media (creating posts, ads, etc) and creating flyers (we currently use Canva)
Any high school or college students who may need hours for their volunteer programs or resume are more than welcome!
Thank you everyone for your time and attention! 

Gold Phoenix Events, LLC
Jessica Loch